The Indian Classical Music Circle of Hawaii is dedicated to the presentation of sacred and classical music arts of South Asia, instrumental, vocal and dance, both Hindustani (northern) and Carnatic (southern).  

The Music Circle's mission is to educate, entertain, and interest its supporters and the general public, and to significantly contribute to the multiethnic heritage and the cultural vitality of Hawai'i through its music art and education programs.

The Music Circle seeks to serve as the platform for the world-renowned as well as the budding, the international as well as the local exponents of this art form who bring forth enhanced exposure, awareness and appreciation of the rich legacy of classical art music of South Asia.

The Board of Directors consists of an all volunteer Board of individuals who are passionate about music who will strive to uphold the Music Circle's goals and objectives.  

Now in its thirteenth season.  The Indian Classical Music Circle of Hawaii is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Hawaii.

If you are interested in helping in the ongoing creation and support of this new organization, please sign up for email newsletter list below.

Become a Sponsor by sending an email to [email protected] 
or call 808-965-1053.

Ticket sales and class fees cover only a portion of  the expenses necessary to provide concerts and workshops.  Grant Awards often favor those organizations that show community interest marked by the number of individuals who give their support through sponsorship.  Please consider becoming a Sponsor of the Music Circle at one of the following levels:

Individual                        $20-49 
Couple/Family               $40-49
Sustaining                      $50-79  (Minimum Business Sponsor)
Donor                              $80-149
Patron                             $150-499
Benefactor                     $500-999
Corporate                       $1000+

The Music Circle is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Laura Acevedo, Past President
Babette Ackin, Acting President
Parashuram Bhandari

Past Board Members:
Linn Solomon
Kathryn Tarananda
Robert Trickey, Past President
Richard Weiner
Ruth Weiner, Past Secretary/Treasurer
John Fay
Christina Fay

Advisory Board Members:
Nilanjan Neel Sarkar

Past Advisory Board Members:
Kevin Kushel
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Manose and Parashuram: Two Nepali Masters Concert - Hawaii, 2007
Set Design and Lighting by
Photo by Rolf Gibbs 2007
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